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UPDATE 23/06/2020

We’re moving things along, and getting back to business. Please see the attached pdf below as it will answer most of your questions.


UPDATE 28/05/2020 | Bulletin 4

You may have heard via the media that Clubs & Pubs can reopen from the 1st of June 2020. While we will be able to open the club including bar & gaming, there will be quite severe restrictions in place imposed by the NSW Government. The PDF attached below will address our new operation procedures.


UPDATE 18/05/2020 | Bulletin 3

There has been various reports in the media regarding the reopening of dining facilities in NSW clubs. Unfortunately we have received no information from CLUBSNSW or the NSW Government regarding this issue.

While clubs, pubs & restaurants will be able to open for dining from tomorrow many operators in the industry don’t believe it will be viable to open given the restrictions placed on venues. The restrictions as we know them are:

Maximum 10 people at any given time

Strict social distancing rules apply

Bar & gaming facilities must remain closed

There are still several issues that require clarification including but not limited to:

Does the 10 person limit apply to each dining area or the venue as a whole?

Are staff included in the 10 person limit?

Are we permitted to serve alcohol to the table if a meal is being eaten? If so what constitutes a meal?

Are all diners required to adhere to the 4 square metre rule or are families exempt?

The most important question yet to be answered is when will we be allowed to return to normal trade. Despite what you may have heard in the media the only indication we have received is that bar and gaming operations might be allowed to reopen as part of stage 3 which is still 3-4 weeks away but there are certainly no promises being made. Reports in this mornings media suggest that bar and gaming in clubs and pubs will remain closed “for quite some time yet”

The current issue requiring a decision is whether it is viable to open our restaurants for sit down dining under the imposed restrictions. Opening our dining with the imposed restrictions in stages 1 and 2 will not generate any additional revenue for the club, it will however incur additional costs and do little to return our social behaviour to some sort of normality.

My role as the club’s General Manager is not only to ensure we survive this crisis but more importantly ensure we can afford to reopen and rebuild the financial stability we have achieved in the last 12 months.

Opening our dining facilities with the stage 1 and stage 2 restrictions will accelerate the depletion of our financial reserves and jeopardise a successful outcome.

Accordingly the club’s trading status will not change at this stage. We will continue to provide a takeaway food and beverage service only as we have done for the past 7 weeks. I will review our trading status daily and as new information becomes available and I’ll certainly keep you posted on any changes.

I know I can count on your understanding and support during these trying times and if anyone would like to discuss the matter in more detail please contact me at the club.



UPDATE 23/03/2020 | Bulletin 2

The Prime Minister has last night announced that registered clubs, along with other hospitality venues are required to cease operation.
Under the provision of the forced closure, all events and functions are cancelled.

However, a limited take-away service for food and liquor is still available. EFFECTIVE FROM TUESDAY 24th OF MARCH.

You can read the newest Bulletin which addresses all your concerns and questions here:

Addressed items:
• Trading hours.
• Takeaway services & Cash handling Restrictions.
• Social Distancing procedures.
• Easter Egg raffle information.

UPDATE 19/03/2020 | Bulletin 1

Our precautionary procedures during the COVID-19 concern:

Although there are no confirmed cases in our area, we are taking action.
• The clubs position.
• Addressing the 100 person limit.
• Social Distancing procedures.
• Extra precautions we can all take.

Business will continue as usual until further action is required. Extra precautionary measures are in full effect until further notice. Check back regularly for updates.

Please refer to the Bulletin for any additional information.

Bowls NSW | 18/3/2020

COVID-19 | Bowls Update

Following advice from the Royal NSW Bowling Association, all bowls pennants matches are now suspended until further notice.

Social bowls will continue as normal. We trust that all players will observe and follow the recommended hygiene procedures.

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