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North Beach Recreation and Bowling Club is located at Mylestom, on the banks of the Bellinger River
north side where the river meets the sea. The Club provides a quiet haven surrounded by nature.
Come and enjoy the wide range of facilities available to Members their Guests and Visitors.



Please note this was NOT a General Meeting of Members under the Club Consititution. No business was transacted at this members forum. Below is the information communicated to members. Comments and suggestions from the floor will be made available soon.

Good evening members and thank you for your attendance.

The board of directors have decided to convene this information presentation for the purpose of communicating urgent challenges facing OUR Club and OUR local community.

OUR Club has been trading at a financial loss for 5 ½ years adding up to a huge deficit over that time.

OUR Club’s financial performance shows a steady decline in total income whilst expenditure levels remain static.

OUR Club cannot sustain these sorts of losses much longer!

OUR Club is in a dangerous financial position and unless STRONG ACTIONS ARE TAKEN IMMEDIATELY, OUR CLUB COULD CLOSE PERMANENTLY within a couple of years!

The Board has engaged a consultant through its membership with the Royal NSW Bowling Association. The engagement of this consultant has been FREE OF CHARGE!

A Professional assessment of OUR Club’s performance has been completed and the Board feels it is important this be communicated to OUR members.

The consultant’s review has benchmarked OUR Club’s performance against industry best practice. This review has identified numerous operational improvements are required to keep OUR Club’s doors open!

As a result of the consulting process it is clear to the Board of Directors OUR Club fails to meet what OUR Community is looking for from OUR Club!

We need to completely rethink how we attract members and visitors to OUR club.

We must focus on our local demographic which includes families and young adults as well as our older patrons.

It is abundantly clear to the Club’s Board of Directors that changes MUST happen.

Difficult decisions need to be made, unpopular decisions need to be made.

Club staff employment positions are under review, savings in wages MUST be made!

The Board of Directors will be undertaking a ‘STRATEGIC PLANNING’ session. A systematic process will be undertaken reviewing operations of YOUR Club.

The Board of Directors will report on the outcomes of the strategic planning session to advise what WE are planning to do.

YOUR Board will update members on its progress via statements on the club website and on the notice board in the Club. And, of course, progress will be reported at the AGM scheduled in October 2017.

If we do not act,


WE will have NO BEER,


WE will have NO BOWLS,

We will have NO RESTAURANTS,

OUR staff will have NO JOBS.

The board wishes to make clear that we are not pushing the panic button, so to speak, but are communicating to you, our members, that we need to address the problems as we see them now in order that we don’t have a dire situation in a couple of years.

What YOUR board asks from members is support and understanding.  We appreciate the work of our volunteers and would welcome any further offers of assistance.

The board also wishes to confirm that we support our club’s Manager, Ben, and that Ben has indicated to the board his commitment now and into the future.

Once again I would like to thank you for attending this evening.

I would now like to invite any members from the floor who wish to publicly make suggestions, or table any ideas for consideration of the Board during the Strategic Planning process.

Before we begin, I would like to remind members YOUR Board of Directors are seeking positive constructive input.


Kate Rees


On Behalf of the Board of Directors

North Beach Recreation & Bowling Club